Youth Art Month Exhibit

A Joy to See!

Grins were stretching from ear to ear as students found out who had artwork selected to be in the Souderton Area School District Youth Art Month exhibit at the Indian Valley Public Library. The exhibit is open from March 1st- April 3rd and showcases kindergarten through grade 12 artwork from each of the 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and Souderton Area High School.  Students experience a thrill with the honor to represent their school and show the public their creative achievements. This joy in contributing and succeeding in the
arts is possible because of the district's commitment to providing every student with a quality visual arts education.

Souderton's art educators value creativity and guide students to practice the processes of brainstorming, experimenting, problem solving, questioning, risk taking, and personal reflection. They model techniques and provide opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Students are encouraged to use imagination and clarify meaning through personal details and titles.
A wide variety of skills and mediums are represented in the exhibit, including:  drawing, perspective drawing, optical illusions, painting, collage, printmaking, repousse, weaving, animation, sculpture, functional pottery, and more. Viewers can search for clues to how students made connections between historical artforms, contemporary artists, literature, art from different cultures around the globe, pop culture, and their own experiences. Seeing their art inspires conversation and curiosity.

Souderton Area School District's mission is to prepare students to demonstrate competencies needed to contribute and to succeed in a changing world by building on a commitment to excellence and innovation, by working in partnership with family and community, and by assuring a quality education for all students in a safe and nurturing environment. This mission is reflected in this show.
The community looks forward to this visual feast that is accessible to all. Cory Alderfer, history buff and local resident said, "I love this time of year when the kids have their artwork on display at the library. I'm always in awe at the talent and ingenuity of these students, no matter their age. They need to know how much we look forward to this each year." The students are so excited to see their work displayed and able to be shared with their families and friends. Viewing art together builds connections with family and community.

Come and feel the joy!

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