Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Alicia Simpson

Ms. Simpson has been teaching Digital Media at Souderton Area School District since 2021.  She is also the Film Club Advisor.

Mrs. Simpson was my son's Digital Media 1 teacher last year and encouraged him to join the school film club. She brought back the SAHS film festival and encouraged my son to enter the festival. He won 2 awards and had such a fantastic experience. This year he has Mrs. Simpson for Digital Media 2 and she is the film club moderator.

Mrs. Simpson encourages the students to be creative and recognizes their talents. She finds opportunities for them to be involved in new things. She brought back the SAHS film festival last year for the first time in several years. This was an incredible experience for the students and allowed them to showcase their work and be recognized. This year she entered SAHS into the Greenfield film festival. This gave the students the opportunity to see films created by students from many other schools in the area. Mrs. Simpson also had the students create a PSA for NJ Auto Safe Driver contest. All of these activities were so important in exposing them to new things and fostering creativity and hard work. Personally, Mrs. Simpson has had a huge impact on my son. He absolutely loves having her as a teacher and moderator and she understands him very well. She motivates and encourages him and allows him to be himself. We are so appreciative of everything she has done for him and all of the students. He will miss her next year!
~submitted by Nicole Lobley

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