Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Heather Milligan

Ms. Milligan has been teaching 6th Grade Learning Support at Indian Valley Middle School since 2018.

Heather is an incredible teacher who believes in her students. She creates confidence and excitement around school.

A couple weeks into the school year, Heather approached me at a meeting. She told me she knew what was in my son’s Individualized Education Plan for math but knew he could do so much more. She asked “can I push him?” Without hesitation, we said yes! He has done order of operations, algebraic expressions, and some geometry. He also reached 2 of his math goals last marking period. What’s more important than that is Heather is a wonderful, proactive communicator, encourager and collaborative team member! We have received so many reports from her saying she was so proud of our son and all his hard work. Heather is a wonderful role member for teachers in the district and is so deserving of recognition.

~submitted by Julie Gerhart-Rothholz

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