Lisa (Maccarella) Jones and Mike Jones

Lisa Maccarella) Jones (Class of 1980) met Mike Jones (Class of 1981) in 1978 at SAHS. Well, technically,  they met on their street when Lisa moved here from NJ. Mike was the boy across the street. Mike and his dad came over to help Lisa's dad unload the moving truck, only to find that it was filled with firewood and a cement mixer! What can Lisa say, they were Italian...they have cement mixers, lol!
She was smitten at first sight and decided he was THE one. Their first "date" was a family party at his house on April 1, 1978. Lisa guesses it wasn't an April Fool's joke because they got engaged in 1983 and married in 1984. They moved to their first home in Telford where they lived until 1984, and had their son in 1988. Then they came full circle back to the street they met on. They bought her parents' house and lived across the street from his parents for several years until they retired and moved. They still live on that amazing street where they made so many memories. 
Life has been a roller coaster ride, with lots of ups and downs and turns they never planned for.  It's been an amazing ride and they're looking forward to the retirement years together. 

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