Dan Yocum, Mayor of Souderton

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Dan Yocum, the Mayor of Souderton and SAHS alum, Class of 2010. We talked about his role as mayor and I was given a tour of the police department, which is in the same building as the mayor and council’s office! When asked about his fondest memories from SAHS Mr. Yocum said he enjoyed being with friends at work, on the water polo team, and in classes. His interest in local government was also fostered during his time at the high school. Dan was a junior counselor in the Souderton Borough which was an opportunity he earned while attending SAHS. He then went on to major in Public Administration at George Mason University.


He was voted into his position of mayor in 2021 and took office in January of 2022. He told me that some of his biggest jobs in this role include consensus building among the council, “cheerleading” for Souderton, overseeing the police department, and effectively addressing the concerns of the citizens. In addition to his busy role as Mayor of Souderton Borough, Mr. Yocum also works for Univest in Small Business Relationship Management. 

At the end of my interview I brought up the Indian Valley Education Foundation’s partnership with the Souderton Area High School Alumni Association through their new platform, SASD Nation, Alumni & Friends. Mr. Yocum said that in his role as Mayor he meets alumni and hears from his classmates often, but usually hears from them randomly. Having a way of reaching out to former classmates and seeing the news of what is happening with them and streamlining reunion planning is a great tool to have.

-submitted by Clare Bagley, Souderton Area High School Student and IVEF Student Board member

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