Carol (Ludwig) Nice and Dennis S. Nice, Jr.

Dennis Nice and Carol Ludwig met each other in 1969 when he was in 11th grade and she was in 10th grade.  Carol and her mother had moved from Lansdale to Souderton to live. They wanted to continue to receive The North Penn Reporter newspaper. Dennis, who already was delivering newspapers to about 150 customers, was assigned to deliver the paper to them. That was how they met.

They dated throughout high school. He proposed marriage to her at The Rising Sun restaurant in July 1974 and they married on November 9, 1974. This year they are proudly celebrating 50 years of marriage.

(Pictured above:  Dennis S. Nice, Jr., Senior Picture 1970 (left) and Carol (Ludwig) Nice, Engagement Picture 1974 (right))

They first lived in a fixer-up special house for 14½ years on Main Street in Souderton. Then, in 1988, Dennis built their dream house on Tower Road in Sellersville. They are currently still living in Sellersville.

They had two children, a boy and a girl. Presently, they have four grandchildren.

They are both retired now although Dennis being a 4th generation carpenter still will do a small job once in a while. One of the things they enjoy doing is traveling. They have traveled all over the world and they also are trying to reach their goal of visiting all 50 states.

(Pictured below:  Carol and Dennis Nice in 2021)


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