SAHS Teacher, Stacy Aronow, Recognized for Excellence


Dr. Stacey Aronow, Souderton Area High School English and Language Arts teacher and newspaper adviser, has been named the 2021-2022 Pennsylvania School Press Association State Journalism Teacher of the Year.

Aronow has been the adviser to the Souderton Arrowhead newspaper since 1998 and served on the Pennsylvania School Press Association (PSPA) Board from 2007-2010. During that time, she also served several years as PSPA secretary.


Her students publish a 36-page newspaper six times a year that serves not only the school community but the wider community through The Arrowhead OnlineThe Arrowhead has earned many awards from PSPA, Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) and National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) during her tenure. She has served as a conference speaker for PSPA, CSPA and NSPA over her time at Souderton.

Her colleague and nominator, Joanne Jiruska, shared that “The Arrowhead covers both school and community events, striving to provide a service that extends beyond the walls of our school.  Under Stacey’s tutelage, The Arrowhead program has doubled in size in the last four years and currently boasts 85 students across all grade and ability levels.”

“The program is self-funded through student-generated advertising and is run like a business, providing students with a truly authentic experience. Every student has the opportunity to be published, and Stacey counsels each one on writing with integrity and ethics. Highly motivated students have the opportunity to interview for Editorial Board positions. The Arrowhead staff is an integral part of our school community, professionally covering events both joyous and tragic; whenever something noteworthy is happening, The Arrowhead is there,” said Jiruska.

SAHS principal, Sam Varano, indicated  that Aronow has been a district leader and has made a lasting impact on many students, not just those on her staff. “Dr. Aronow’s influence goes far beyond the production of an award-winning newspaper.” Her influence extends to the wider school population.  “Dr. Aronow was the teacher who had the greatest impact upon them in their school career,” said Varano.

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